Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's new on Lebanon Aggregator in 2013

As you would have noticed on the left side the blogroll now only shows the 25 most recent updated posts. The reason why the blogroll was restricted to 100 blogs before was not to overcrowd the page, but now that it is limited to 25 blogposts, this means we can include all bloggers in this blogroll. Since this is a one person job, do reach out to me and tell me to add your blog to this list.

As the Lebanese bloggers aggregator, we look forward to promote good posts whether it comes to humor, technical info, human rights, social, lifestyle, fashion or politics, our tip for you is to come up with new material and share new things with your own approach.

We closed 2012 with 788 blogs of which 172 were new and added during 2012. We also added a small friendly section on Blogs Directory that hosts our brothers in blogging from Jordan.

Every day, a selection of 1 to 3 blog posts from Lebanese bloggers or bloggers based in Lebanon are shared on the Facebook page of Lebanon Aggregator. If you wish to see yourself on that page, post good content and push it to us so we can share it.

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Moussa Bashir said...

Thank you for all the effort, Liliane. Can we have a "share" link for this post?

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