Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where does your opinion fit?

Have you ever wondered if your opinion is important? If what you’re saying is new and can make people change their minds about something? When you barge into a conversation and make a statement about war, adoption, racism, a local TV show, a celebrity, freedom of speech, nail polish or Formula 1, does it matter? Are you saying something that hasn’t been said before, are you looking at the issue from a new angle? Is your voice to be heard? Does it matter? Do you matter?

Many questions cross our minds on a daily basis, sometimes silly and sometimes meaningful. What do we do with them though? Do we ask out loud or just come up with our own analysis and stance? Many instances happen when you could be talking a lot but in fact saying a little. It doesn’t really matter if you’re making a point at the wrong time to the wrong audience. This is usually your cue to remain silent and keep it to yourself. The blogosphere usually reflects daily lives of everyone, and of this bunch, a few turn them into a digital essay. In general, we have to build a society where each person has an opinion.

In general, there are two or a maximum of three opinions for every subject: for or against and neutral/apathetic. People argue, discuss, provide facts or just debate skillfully, but eventually it’s hard to encourage people to change their minds. So why talk? Why blog? Just like in a community, you have the alpha male or alpha female, the ones who take garner all the attention- depending on the environment they’re in. Some deserve that spot, but in my opinion most don’t.

In a nutshell, and unless you are just logging a diary of thoughts, if your aim is to influence your audience and dazzle them with your advanced opinion, make it new, don’t repeat others and don’t copy other people’s styles. If it’s not yours, then you will always appear fake and your writings and thoughts will always be regarded as attention seeking material. We already have billions of people with billions of thoughts and opinions, so make it count. Either show us something new, inspire us, make us laugh, make us ponder or just stay quiet, listen and learn. If you don’t have any- thing to add to the table this means you have given a lot and you need to start taking in before you voice your opinion again. That is my own observation of the blogosphere and the community itself. Being loud and being everywhere all over the place is not what is we seek for content, but learning and evolving is certainly worth looking for.

Our aim as bloggers is not to gather fans and page views. We have a mission, believe it or not, and we have a big responsibility towards our audience, to bring something new, and add some- thing valuable to the table and most importantly something true, true to ourselves and to our readers.

Originally, the article has been written for Ragmag Lebanon


Fadi said...

Nicely said. However I must add that for some, blogging does not entail the mission you speak of, after all everyone has their own reasons to blog.

With that said, judging from the amount and kind of content coming out of the blogosphere, I'd say you hit the nail on its head for most bloggers.

Moussa Bashir said...


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