Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 3 Weddings-Related bloggers for April 2012 in Ragmag

If you know me, you would know that this was probably one of the hardest picks for me for the month of April. Wedding related bloggers. WOW! Well the challenges I faced was that there weren't many wedding related blogs to choose from. So, I got a bit creative and decided to translate the "related" part of the term as I will. For that, I come to you with the following 3 bloggers for April 2012

Louma Bardawil - From favours to design pieces | Wedding Specials
The first blog chosen is in fact a wedding blog, and it is a very good one, check out the text I wrote about her.

As for the second blog, and since brides are usually stressed out before their weddings, I thought of the best thing for them and it's the laughter magic, the queen of laughter in Lebanon is Sareen and her amazing Comics blog "Ink on the side"

Sareen Akharjalian - Ink on the side
And the final blogger was Raquel, who has a very niche and unique blog about Do It Yourself kind of things. I find handmade crafts to be very sentimental and.. well read the text :)

Raquel Saliba - Belles of Beirut
And as the tradition goes, there is a monthly feature of a post on The Cube, this month we chose to show what the Cubists are reading, perhaps you're reading the same thing and you might want to jump into the discussion.

The Cube Lebanon

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