Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 3 Relationships bloggers for February 2012 in Ragmag

If you know by now, I don’t pick out the 3 bloggers every month randomly, it truly takes me weeks to do so, to the extent that Fida becomes like my mom: “Liliane, bloggers?”, “Liliane, did you pick them?”, “Liliane, did you decide on the bloggers?”, “Anything?”, “Hello, bloggers?!” Sometimes it takes me a long time to pick them, and sometimes I pick them but I ponder on what I am going to write about them. Because I am a blogger, I understand that what I long to read when someone writes about me, is them describing me the way I see myself yet I am too shy to say it. We don’t have enough bloggers that post about relationships in Lebanon, so it was quite good news to see bloggers who cover such topics submit their blogs. I did not choose them because they are the only ones, I chose them because I truly believe they’re very good.

Blushing's blog - Yup this is it

Michael Oghia - LOVEanon

Gabriel Ghali - Gabe's

The Cube's review about "The Kite Runner"

Click on images for larger size. Or you can always pick up the magazine :)

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brazilian wife said...

Wow that is nice stuff of blogs. It is just like a place where lots of guys where standing and competing to win you.

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