Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roundup on Get Together 001 - Lebanese bloggers meeting

Get Together 001 - The first get together for Lebanese bloggers that is organized by LebAgg - took place last Thursday at Alt City - Hamra, catered by Zaatar w Zeit, and the bloggers themselves who were kind enough to bring, potato chips, crackers, even strawberries and what not to the event. 

In the background was a slide show of the screen shots + bios that some bloggers sent us.

More people were on the left, but they don't show up in here!
It was a pretty casual one, the sole purpose was to kick-start a series of more get togethers for bloggers (definitely more than 100). We were hoping for some brainstorming and bloggers suggesting ideas, but the settings didn't really help whereas there was food and drinks and the bloggers were having fun, they're right? Who wants to go serious then.

However, I did manage to get some bloggers who were very excited to tell me about their ideas, and hopefully we can move forward with them in the next meeting, somewhere more calm, and with more concentration.

The meeting started with me welcoming everyone, and then Vanessa from Communicate Levant took to the stage and explained how bloggers feedback and opinion is really important for them, Fida Chaaban - Ragmag Lebanon's Editor-in-chief - followed, with a party dress (claiming that the only reason for this dress is that they have a party afterwards :P), also confirming what Vanessa said, and adding that they are very happy to have a print space dedicated for 3 bloggers every month, and thanked me for writing that column (I am flattered!) and finally Greg Ohanessian, from LBC Blogs, said that news is no longer a one way stream, they feel that bloggers have a lot to say and LBC blogs is happy to include them in their news reporting.

Vanessa - Communicate
Fida Chaaban - Ragmag
Greg Ohanessian - LBC Blogs
Beesline were kind enough to give away gifts for the bloggers that were selected by Lebanon Aggregator for the month of February. 

Other than that, it was all chit chat and mingling! So, I know it was not the perfect set up, I mean now that I am going through the photos I notice a lot of new faces which I didn't get the chance the meet, therefore, please do suggest ideas and settings for next time. I personally did get to meet several new bloggers, but I was truly running around not being able to focus, so maybe next time we can do a day out, or an afternoon or... whatever you fancy! Until Get Together 002. 

Photos on Facebook. And these photos on Flickr courtesy of Alt City. 

Once again, thanks for everyone who made this happen! and for my friends, you know yourselves :D


Fadi said...

Glad it was a success, wish I could've been there.. so many faces I don't recognize in the photos, but then again nobody was displaying their twitter handle or blog name on them so that might have something to do with it :)

Hopefully one of the next get togethers will be scheduled at an expat-friendly time, and I promise I'll be there :)

Great work Liliane, I honestly wouldn't know what the Lebanese blogosphere would become without you. Much love !

Liliane said...

Hopefully you will make it to 002 or 003 Fadi :) and thanks for your kind words, I am overwhelmed!

Mich said...

Such a good and interesting initiative. Hope to catch on of the meetings in future :-)

Anastasia Abboud said...

My own blog is still in its infancy, but I was very glad to discover your great blog along with a few others. All the best--

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