Monday, January 9, 2012

Lebanese Blogosphere Facts & Figures of 2011

Just as we did last year, with the Lebanese Blogosphere Facts & Figures 2010, we honor this tradition which will hopefully last a long time and come to you this year with the newest updates and figures about the Lebanese bloggers and the blogs that have emerged and few turned into more.

  • We closed 2010 with a bit more than 420 blogs. But this year, we have 639 blogs! This means +219 blogs have been added during 2011 alone.
  • 7.3% of blogs are in Arabic. The rest are in English, with few in French.
  • Lebanon Aggregator was born on Facebook in February 2011 and has now 1,643 "likers".
  • Bloggers turned their blogs into books such as Our Man in Beirut and T0om Extra
  • Others have had their materials used on TV such as Hummus Nation
  • 11 Lebanese bloggers attended the 3rd Arab Bloggers meeting that took place in Tunis in October 2011.

  • Starting June 2011, Ragmag Lebanon provided a nice cozy print space for the online Lebanese bloggers, where Lebanon Aggregator chooses 3 bloggers under a certain theme (Visual, Motorized, Health, Hung up on beautiful Lebanon, Influential male), and introduces them to the "offline" world. The column's name is World Vision, and you can read all previous issues here.
  • Bloggers got together and collaborated for a cause to encourage people to read books, and the baby is called "The Cube". In addition to that, one review per month by The Cube is picked by Lebanon Aggregator and included in World Vision column in Ragmag.
  • 5 blogs have been chosen as Blog of the week.
  • Blogs types are becoming even more various and richer than ever. Blogs about Fashion, Food, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Football, Tech, Photography, Art, Relationships and much more.. are being added every day.
  • Bloggers have discussed politicians on twitter, slow internet, minimum wage, design, politics, Lebanon, Voting for Jeita, copy cat ads & creatives, Steve Jobs death, technology, increasing crime rate in Lebanon, Lebanese behavioral change, their own travels and much more. 
  • And before we forget, in 2011, Lebanon Aggregator celebrated its 5th anniversary
Illustration by Sareen

It has been a wonderful year, the increase of number of blogs per year is on the rise, quality of blogs is definitely impressive, variety of blogs is astounding, several blogs get thousands of hits per day reaching international audience, many times bloggers are inspiring traditional media to talk about topics they have covered on their blogs. There are many countless stories and events that occurred in 2011, and the bloggers in Lebanon have made it happen.

Cheers to all Lebanese bloggers and foreign bloggers who report from Lebanon. Cheers to another great and successful year. To more and more and more.

Just don't forget about the golden rules of being a blogger ;)

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10 comments: said...

keep up the great work!

Rana.B* said...

Ohhh I feel so proud of the lebanese bloggers, we rock ! Happy Anniversay Lebanon Aggregator.

أسعد ذبيان said...

Thanks for the efforts Liliane! :)

Lebanonaggregator is the best source for me when I want to check up on all the new posts and hot topics going around Lebanon. If it wasn't for you, it would have taken me ages to follow up.

Hopefully in 2012 we will have even more blogs, posts, blogs of the weeks, views, clicks, comments, likes, reads, and most important ability to change this country to the best bit by bit.

Youmna Zod said...

Impressive numbers! Happy anniversary to Lebanon Aggregator.

ritakml said...

Another awesome blogging year! I hope we can keep up for as long as we have fingers to type and videos to show. :)
The Lebanese Blogosphere rocks!

Sahar said...

I am proud to be of this wonderful blogosphere, thank you Lebanon Aggregator for bringing everyone together. Happy anniversary, let's make 2012 another grand year..

Ogie said...

Great job! Love the cartoon, and thanks for the shout-out about relationship blogs :) said...

I will post again, for some reason, my comment didn't show up. Just thank you for the efforts, and happy to be part of this buzzing community :)

Miss Farah said...

Happy anniversary Lebanon Aggregator! You're doing a great job and I am honored to be part of it :)

Liliane said...

Thanks for blogging everyone! Glad you liked the round up

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