Thursday, December 22, 2011

Golden Christmas and rules of being a golden blogger

For the month of December 2011, Ragmag asked Lebanon Aggregator to write about Golden bloggers. But this time, Lebanon Aggregator decided to write a full fledged article instead and add a bonus box that includes Top 10 golden rules of being a blogger!

Ragmag December 2011 issue
Up until now, all the bloggers featured as Blog of the month on this website, all the bloggers fitting a certain theme featured on a monthly basis on Ragmag since June 2011, the 10 most prominent Communication and/or Marketing focused blogs in Lebanon featured on Communicate magazine for the month of December 2011, all of them are Golden bloggers. But these are not the only golden bloggers in Lebanon, there are more and more to come and they will be featured in print or on Lebanon Aggregator one way or another so stay tuned.

Featured on Ragmag December 2011 issue. Click on image for larger size
And this is the whole article, let us know if you agree or if you have anything to add. For now, will leave you with the best wishes for Christmas, may it bring peace, love, health and all the good things for you and your family.

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Sareen said...

Awesome post Liliane! A lot of great advice too.

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