Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog of the Week

We have amazing blogs in the Lebanese blogosphere. To make a blog a successful one, and as I have repeated extensively, is the ability to provide content that is unique to the blogger and that the reader does not see everywhere all the time. Usually this happens when the blogger shares a skill, is extremely funny, or gives you food for thought.

Yet there are few thought provoking blogs out there. And this is one of them. I read a lot of articles and posts on a daily basis, but this blogger actually pushed me into smiling or thinking or evolving beyond what he himself already suggested. And this is good!

So I highly recommend, you go after that blog and wait for the next post Fadi Bitar imagines, fabricates and creates.

Blog Name: Life with Subtitles
Blog URL:
Blogger: Fadi Bitar

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