Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 3 male bloggers on RAGMAG

Every month, Lebanon Aggregator will pick 3 blogs around a certain theme to be included in RAGMAG magazine. First of all, thanks a lot for RAGMAG for dedicating 2 pages for the Lebanese blogosphere.

Okay, so make sure you get your june issue of RAGMAG, and not only to see this awesome section of it, but also for the many other very interesting articles included.

Our pick for June, Force Issue, is Pascal Assaf - Jirah fi al thakira, BeirutSpring and Our Man in Beirut, and see why they were picked.

Moreover in that space, one book review from The Cube LB is featured.


Danielle said...

I agree 100% with your choices! :) It's really nice to see more print publications taking note of the Lebanese blogosphere..of which I'm proud to be a part! :D Congrats to those mentioned!

Darine said...

Great to see the print taking notice of teh blogosphere. Good picks Lilliane !

Pascal Assaf said...

Thank you :)

Chantal Akkary said...

I Was waiting impatiently to see it, great choices :)

Liliane said...

Thank you Danielle, Darine and Chantal :) glad you liked the choices.

Pascal, my pleasure.

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