Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lebanon Aggregator's banner stolen & made ugly

I have received a message from Karl Mansour, the creator of the page ILoveLeb, and this is part of what he said: 

"I just wanna say that the photo was sent by a fan to our team . We didn't notice that there is a real version of this photo . So We are sorry about that ,and hope we can cooperate and help each other" 

I was really glad to know that all this was a misunderstanding and just some work a fan have sent them, and not intellectual property theft. 

I also want to thank the online community, not because you supported Lebanon Aggregator and myself, but because now I am sure that if we see something go wrong in this country, while we are the advocates to make this country a better place, we all do speak our minds. Keep up this spirit guys, you rock! 

And thank you Karl for the explanation and clarification, respect for you. Keep Loving Lebanon.

Below is original post:

Dear ILoveLeb Sir/Madam,

I still remember that almost exactly a year ago, my friend @_archangelus_ told me to give him access to my blog's dashboard. Meanwhile I was out and about. By the time I got back, I saw the great "original" and very nice layout and design which he did for Lebanon Aggregator. might not be the top 1 website in Lebanon, or whatnot. But this is my baby for the past 5 years, and the graphics which are 1 year old, are the original work of my friend who wanted to show support for this project of mine which I do as a hobby, and it's sad to see them copied then ruined!

My friend whatsapped me today to tell me to check ILoveLeb's facebook page to find this:

Yep, as you can see, same as the banner of Lebanon Aggregator. Ironically, it says "Welcome to Lebanon". For me this means, welcome to stealing other people's creative & intellectual properties. This is truly unacceptable that we in Lebanon still have to steal other people's work, make it ugly and try to build our business or benefit upon this.

I demand that it is removed.

If you had asked me prior for using the graphics, I would have given you a high res version of it, and recommended that you use photoshop and a good graphic designer. There are MANY good graphic designers out there, and some wouldn't have minded to do it for free. For a simple source crediting.

I am truly disappointed.

Best regards,

Edited: Thank you everyone for your support, seeing you write those messages on your own on their wall, just made my day!


Paty M said...

now this is very shameful:S I just heard abt it! Let's hope y7eso w yshilou. The same thing over and over in this country!

Mich said...

This is absolutely terrible and shameful. We should all keep writing until this is removed. Walawwwwww! No one steals OUR AGGREGATOR!!!

A Bare Truth said...

We as a community are open to helping anyone, it is a shame this creative work was so bluntly stolen and deformed. Had they asked Leb aggregator or at least given credit to the creative, they would have found an ally to their cause.
I love Lebanon but not creative theft

PS: we won't stand idle nor to this theft nor to other.. Let it be known to all

Leila said...

am glad it was a misunderstanding (although...) and it was corrected. your blog header is amazing and cool and deserve to be rewarded!! keep up the great work...a happy Lebanese blogger...

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