Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheyef 7alak

Continuing after Plus961 the shedding light on this new initiative, we as bloggers always did that in a way or another, where we saw something wrong, out of the ordinary and plain disrespectful and wrote about them on our blogs. So now that there is an full pledged initiative for this online, started by LBC, anyone (since everyone have a phone that has a cam in it), can now do the same and put them all under one place.

This place is or their facebook page Join the citizen journalism, and let us try and making driving in Lebanon less painful. Moreover let us bloggers encourage this initiative, we have a strong voice together.

p.s. This doesn't only target drivers, it also targets pedestrians, for example those who think that "Jisr el moushet" is actually there to provide them with shade from the sun, and rain in winter while walking "underneath" it.

Check this video:

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Dan said...

I know a lot of people that cross the highway when they have a bridge above them or 100 meters far... And this campaign is really accurate and true... I hope they will stop doing this ... It's not only dangerous for them, as a driver I also get very worried because our Lebanese law always blames the driver of he car even if he was doing everything right.

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