Monday, May 9, 2011

Lebanon Aggregator on Facebook

In case you missed it (steer your eyes a bit to the left you will see a huge blue box where you can like us :P), Lebanon Aggregator has a facebook page. Unlike several facebook pages that just ask people to like them and that's that, Lebanon Aggregator has a different strategy on Facebook than the one over here.

Over here is mostly to provide a directory for all Lebanese blogs, a blog-roll on the most frequent posts by those blogs, moreover an all stuff in one place, and an occasional post usually once every week.

But for a more vibrant dynamic way, whereas most people are busy with their work and busy with already the huge amount of news they get, you can visit that Facebook page to find 2 to 3 interesting and different-kind-of links to posts from the whole blogosphere.

Finally, Lebanon Aggregator Facebook page is where we listen, either you tell us what you think or you can answer the different questions we ask, in addition to plans on meeting and putting our efforts together to do something on an online national level. So go over, and give us what you got :)

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