Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bloggers to co-create a tourism video for Lebanon

Since summer is right around the corner, a lot of tourists and expats come back to visit Lebanon, I thought maybe we can do something as bloggers where we can co-create a video that can promote tourism in Lebanon, our way!

I just want you to send me one small sentence, or a 10 seconds audio with a photo in the background or a 10 seconds video, about a place you love in Lebanon. It could be a coffee shop, a small bakery, a resort, a village, a beach, a pub, your parents summer house, anything! If you & your friends can be in it, would be great.

Tell us, you as a blogger, why you love Lebanon and that place in particular!

Let's start this summer with a positive attitude!

Send them to contact[at]funkyozzi[dot]com

Deadline: June 5th.
Length of clip: 10-15 seconds.


Delirious said...

can we send a sentence in writing? or does it have to be audio and/or video?

Liliane said...

Delirious yes you can, but send the photo of the place/thing you're talking about!

Sareen said...

Can I draw something? Hehe :D Great initiative!

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