Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog of The Week

There are many features that make a blog stand out:
  1. being unique and offering unique content in its surrounding
  2. well written
  3. interesting subjects

And what makes this blog really neatly awesome, is that
  1. It's unique, the only blog that talks about F1 and solely F1 in Lebanon
  2. Well written? The dude is T3's editor :)
  3. He doesn't just tells you the obvious, the dude has a keen eye, really knows what's happening, and gives you real insightful observations and analysis
Sakhir Circuit PitLane - March, 2006
Guessed it or not yet? Yes, yes! We are talking about Ramzi Ayash's blog. This is what he said about himself:

I am optimistic, selectively selfish, and incredibly passionate. Those three words aid my quest in consuming all of Formula 1′s vigor, until the end of time – or until they realize money can be better spent elsewhere (in building road cars?).

You can follow @Ramz_eh on Twitter and check out his blog "The Formula 1 Condition" here:


Moussa Bashir said...

I think it should be "Ramzi" instead of "Razmi" :)
You're doing a great job (if I may say so).

Liliane said...

Thanks Moussa :) fixed it :P

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