Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What makes a blog post stand out

Been wondering lately about the quality of posts we bloggers post on a daily and weekly basis. What makes a blog post stand out?

Really, what makes a blog post stand out?
Truth is, the Lebanese blogosphere has been catching up lately, we've been having a surge of new blogs every week now, aggregated & added monthly to Lebanon Aggregator. However, how unique as a blogger are you? There are many other bloggers already on the scene, and there is very high possibility that they have posted about that same subject years ago. Therefore should you post about the same thing, you have to make it stand out, offer unique content and if content wasn't unique, there is a need to write it/draw it in a way that would draw a different reaction, a stronger one, with more impact. 

So now you're unique, what next?
What are you looking for as a blogger? True that, a blogger is in a way a listener, sort of seeing what his/her readers like, and channeling this energy towards that section to keep them readers satisfied, and certainly without losing credibility. But, a blogger puts in a lot of energy on their blog, from design, to creative interesting / useful content, and all that to keep bringing those readers back. Mission accomplished. But...

What's in it for the blogger?
There are three things a blogger looks for and let us all be honest about it. It's either Fame, Desire to make a change or Make money/connections. And it could be a combo of 2 of them or all 3. 

Let's talk about the last part, briefly. I know for a fact Advertising companies are interested in advertising or cooperating with bloggers, but they're not seeing the right content yet, more like a standard level in quality/regularity posting since there is fluctuation in that course.

So, in a nutshell, and I want to promise you that I will elaborate on this paragraph in another post, here's what I believe, we as a blogging community, should continue doing:
  • keep blogging
  • be selective on what posts to publish
  • find yourself a niche
  • blog by keeping a level of professionalism
  • and of course, BE YOU!


Rany said...

Nice post, but what about the simple blogging to publish something I have on my mind and hear what possibly people have to say about it? regardless of fame, desire to change or money and connections. The simple web logging that gave birth to the word blogging.

I personally believe that the highest percentage of posts do not stand out no matter how much the number of comments they might have (2 digits and 3 digits too) is. It's easy to seek controversy, to support a clan and draw them to you, to review a movie or a restaurant etc. but what's new and genuine in this that makes it worthy to stand out?

Few bloggers do that and no one reads and comments, readers in general want the easy straightforward stuff. So I don't know but for me there's a difference between standing out and attracting a huge number of visitors and commenters.

Liliane said...

Rany I totally agree :) I don't think it's a XOR situations, it's both. Thus why I have more than one blog. But It's only to point out the possibilities and what I have been hearing on the streets ;) that and the fact that I know many bloggers who are interested to turn their blogging experience to something a bit more

Nadim said...

Thank you for this post, very interesting and full with useful ideas :D

@migheille said...

honest opinion :
for me no such thing as listening to readers and bringing them back w hol l 7araket

a blog is a space to share creativity/knowledge/ideas and start stuff - not to listen to readers and channel stuff.
it is a way to "put it out there"

the best way to get traffic is not by tganjeh readers - who has time for that ? write new content - do research - publish new stuff - get yourself on top search results in some topics w kholsit l ossa

in other words, make your blog useful for the mind or for the heart - blog for yourself, readers will come - if they didn't - fine ;p

eh - hal2ad neshfeh ;p

poshlemon said...

I see where come from. However, I have to agree with the previous comments.

For me, this whole blogging experience has been a quest to find myself and only myself. I wanted to document my life in a virtual diary and on a beautiful background that represented me (the black mainly) along with the thrill that my life is out there in the open but only in anonymity. I could be any girl. The girl next door maybe or even your closest friend and you wouldn't know.

None of this is to undermine the added benefit of receiving feedback, support, and advice from strangers who have no baggage or history with me and who do not personally know me and therefore their reaction to my posts would be unaffected by personal considerations and therefore, less partial.

However, I never cared about the number of comments I got or how many hits my blog received per day. Sometimes I think that the stuff I write is mundane and too personal for people to even care. And I am fine by that. But, for those who do care, I am very grateful.

Liliane said...

I totally agree with you ladies & gents, but you're the wrong audience for this post lol.. It was mostly meant to people who want to take blogging into a more serious business, or side activity that could help them build a reputation that would benefit them in their jobs, or help them make some money on the side!

Again, I repeat, I agree with you. Blogging is first and fore all a freedom space for us to say what we want, and it should remain that way no matter what!

bisous :P

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