Saturday, March 5, 2011

International Women's Day - Bloggers version

First of all, on the occasion of the International Women's Day - March 8, I want to wish a Happy Women's day to all women and men out there.

A special shout out to mom, I am so proud of you, you do not only use Facebook & msn, you also use gmail and gtalk, use their phone service & read articles online! Seriously, you rock! I love you :D

Another big shout out to some Lebanese female bloggers (blog) and micro bloggers (twitter) who I love reading, though sadly some stopped blogging regularly. They either inspired me, or taught me something new, or simply added smiles to my life, and few even argued with :P Most I had the pleasure in meeting, hanging out with, having dinners or a drink & steaks & sushi & what not. Anyway this is a compilation I gathered from the past 5 years I've been blogging:

Sietske, Abir (@abzzyy), Micheline Hazou (@mich1mich), Sahar Ghazale, Chantal Akkary (@shanty2), Darine Sabbagh, Naeema Zarif, Posh Lemon, Coco, Krys, Nadine Moawad, Joelle Hatem, Mireille (@migheille), Rita Kamel, Maya Zankoul, Nadine Feghaly, Zeina, Sareen Akharjalian, Sheila (@beirutdriveby), Rita Mou, Paula Salwan, Dana (@DizzyD7), Riham Berjaoui, Alexandra Tohme, Sana Tawileh, Octavia Nasr, Dara Mouracade, Danielle (@meinlebanon), Marie Nakhle, Mary-Lynn, Layal, Maggie (@Abaretruth), Yasmine Hajjar, Sophie, Rampurple, Cedarseed and Tamara Hamdan

There is a very high possibility I forgot someone, for that, I hope to be forgiven!

I want to add also a shout out to very nice ladies from Jordan, Bahrain & other countries.. some I met, and some I hope to meet in the future, I enjoy reading these ladies on twitter, occasionally have a discussion (followed by tons of DMs) and after a year and a half of stalking them, you do form a sort of connection, right? :)

Nadine Toukan, Bana (@ladyb84), Noor El Hajri (@noornet), LhJunkie, Labiba Laith

And finally Maria Popova, who doesn't know of my existence, but I love her tweets & links, she's a web curator. Do check her out.

Okay that is a long list! Happy Women's Day ladies!

Post edited: I cannot believe I forgot to include Jillian C York! What an incredible lady. She's a digital activist, really involved in the Arab World, tweet her and you get a reply, again and again! She is that modest. Excellent journalist, keen eye and truly smart! 


Mich said...

Honored to be among such wonderful, smart, enterprising, fun and loving women! I think the greatest achievement of Social Media platforms is that it is introducing us to each other and enriching our lives. And it is thanks to Twitter that I have met you Lil, and most of the ladies you mention. What great company to be in. I hope we will be joined by many more. Happy Women's Day, Month and Years to come :-)

yasmine said...

Thank you Lil!! It was really awesome to meet everyone and especially you - I thank you for my blog. I will try not to let you down 1-2 a week should be satisfactory no? =)

Happy women's day!!!! Much love to all of you and especially my MOM!!!

Labiba Laith said...

I'm privileged, first to be mentioned and second to be in the company of such wonderful, strong, dynamic and above all sensitively strong females.

Dizzy Rum Kit said...

Thanx Lil! I'm very honoured by your shout out! Happy Womens Day to you. A woman who is full of humor and great fun to be around! Can't wait till our next meeting. Much Love.

Darine said...

You rock, thank you for bringing us together darling! In Belarus each women should get flowers on Woman's day, so I send you all virtual ones.

Sahar said...

So beautiful of you and as usual very creative! I am honored to be among such wonderful, intelligent, and active women who have great contributions to our world in different ways. I thank twitter which allowed me to be in contact with most of and hopefully soon all the rest. Let's make this day rock, and thank you beautiful Lil!!

Tamara said...

Thank you so much for such a nice post that reminds us that women can be heard in this part of the world. you are one of those special ones and one of a kind Lili that you can't not smile when you're around. a very interesting and deep person that knows a lot..
i'm honored...

Jillian said...

Also so honored to be included in such a great group of women! I'm amazed at how Twitter, even more than the blogosphere, has allowed me to connect with so many amazing human beings!

ritamou said...

Oh wow Lilo, it's a huge honor... it's been wonderful getting to know you and most of the women you spoke of.
and thank you for picking my brain this past year!
Happy Women's Day! rock on!

poshlemon said...

Okay I must admit that I do not know or have a relationship with most of these women you have mentioned me along with. Maybe this is my chance to bridge that gap.

However, I must say that I am sure each and every one of these women has her own story of love, heartbreak, strength, weakness, pain, happiness, failure and success to tell. And, each, in her story, captures what it means to be a woman.

These women, and all the other women, who wake up every day and toil hard towards building a family or raising their children or being active members in their community or being good friends or just every day fighting against the limitations of a paternalistic socio-political order, are incredibly inspiring.

And you are one of these women. So, Happy Women's Day to you in return :)


Liliane said...

You ladies make my day all the time. Truly honored I know you and met you! I will cherish these comments forever! (by backing them up on several external hardrives :D)


Delirious said...

Yay! I'm the sushi/drinks one! :):)

Happy women's day to y'all, I'm also honored to be on that list.

Back in 2005, women bloggers were still a rare commodity. On the now-defunct LBF ( we were a minority.
I took the initiative to create a blog for/by women:
At first, everyone was enthusiastic and we had great plans for the blog. But soon the excitement waned and posting became sporadic before stopping definitively in November 2006.

Here's to better and longer-lasting initiatives!

Sareen Akharjalian said...

Oh my God! I'm so so honored to be on the list Lil! Thank you, and it if weren't for you I don't think I would have ever been introduced to the rest of these wonderful Lebanese bloggers. Thanks again!

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for including me in this list of incredible ladies! I feel so honored to be sharing the Lebanese blogosphere with all of you! :D Happy Women's Day!

Sophie said...

Wow lil thanks for the mention!
I'm honored to be part of your life and to be included in that list of amazing women.

I'll never forget that I created my blog on your PC :P

I'm hoping to see more of you in the near future.

Happy women's day!

Paola said...

Thanks so much for the mention, it's an honour and a pleasure to be listed in the list of women bloggers! I wish us all a beautiful Int'l Women's Day, and a lot of strength and courage to carry on our struggle towards full equality!

Chantal Akkary said...

Thank you so much Funky for including me in this lovely women list :)
Happy International Women's day for all!!
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