Friday, February 25, 2011

What's your sect?

First of all, as you can see on the left, there is a Facebook page for Lebanon Aggregator now. The reason behind this, is to encourage many persons who are on Facebook and who like to express their opinions but for some reason they still don't know there is something called "blog" or they don't know that there is a whole blogosphere out there, to submit using the form on facebook page as well :).

Moreover, I was just wondering, and this is HUGE PUN INTENDED paragraph, should I add the blow on on the Submit Your Blog Form? ;) You know to go with the whole Lebanese way?:

What's your sect?: 

Now let's raise our glasses to a secular country. 

On that note, read those two posts from Ivy says "He’s Muslim; She’s Christian, All They Need Is Love, Right! Right?…?…?" and This is Beirut "Moving Lebanon towards a secular state"

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Danielle said...

Stop sectarianism before it stops us! Thanks for the mention! Really appreciate it! #unitelb #unitelb #unitelb

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