Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kishk bi Qawarma - DuoBlog #2

This post is part of the DuoBlogging series on Lebanon Aggregator. If you missed the really impressive audio post (podcast) Tawari2 - Episode 1, check it out here.

Today's DuoBlog is a collaboration by Ghassan Deeb the cook (@gabdallah), and Maya Zankoul who helped by illustrating the recipe to make it easier on you (@mayazankoul)!

Enjoy Kishk Bi Qawarma.

Click on images to enlarge! Bon appétit!


Mich said...

Wowww! What a great collaboration. And Qawarma is my favorite, favorite!!! Thanks guys :-)

danyawad said...

wrong timing for such a post.. I'm on diet.. MERCY!!

I LOVED IT.. good work guys!

Bahaa Fe said...

i like , i'm hungry , :D

Liliane said...

Glad you guys liked it :)

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