Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloggers in Lebanon write about blogger sued by Benihana Kuwait

Lebanese bloggers stand by their fellow Lebanese* blogger Mark (very well-known), who recently reviewed a restaurant called Benihana in Kuwait, and get sued for it.

Ivy Says about this:
First of all what’s with the “BTW are you Lebanese?” comment. What does that have to do with anything BTW? Do I sense some attempt to single out Lebanese? Pretty random eh?
Blog Baladi sheds light and makes a very neat point about Lebanese restaurants:
I always thought I would get sued or harassed first but it seems restaurants in Lebanon react more positively to critics.
BeirutSpring wants to be sued too
PS: Try and sue me, idiots.
Beirut Drive By Shooting had a say as well
Welcome to our digital world, Benihana. Hopefully your legal team will advise you to stop this silliness. 
The sweet Micheline from Mich Cafe labels this as Brand Fiasco unites bloggers
You can imagine the uproar in the online community! There has been an avalanche of tweets on Twitter; Benihana Kuwait’s Facebook page has been inundated with comments and bloggers have united in condemning the lawsuit.
Plus961.com makes sure to mention this atrocity as well
This is insane! One of the leading bloggers in Kuwait wrote about his bad experience at Benihana there, and the next thing he knew… they’re suing him for the article!
And Jad Aoun from Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept talks about how Benihana edited their facebook security page to hide the TRUTH
I don’t believe Benihana know what they’ve gotten themselves into – check out their Facebook Page, they’ve edited the security options so that only their posts show as default but if you click on “Just Others” you will see the backlash they’ve been served.
Benihana Kuwait really messed up. Up until now, there is no word from the US. In a nutshell, they made a hero out of Mark and fools out of themselves. Moreover, bloggers REGIONALLY proved to be the new media :) Beware of bloggers, that's all am saying.

* and it's not because he is Lebanese, but because Benihana messed up big time. They should learn Social Media 101 on handling negative reviews.


Mich said...

Yes! "Beware of bloggers..."
Thanks for the mention too :-)

Jad Aoun said...

Thanks for putting it all together. As Mich said, you mess with one of us, you mess with us all.

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