Monday, January 31, 2011

Tawari2 Episode 1 - DuoBlog #1

This is the first Duo-Blog. This is a pilot. This is an auditive post (you need your ears for that). This is a collaboration between 2 bloggers & a guest. This is something new.

With so much pleasure and excitement, let me introduce to you "Tawari2". It's an Arabic scene (if we may call it that) taking place in the "Tawari2". I won't say more. I will let you make your own impressions and conclusions.

Archangelus ( and Emilie Hasrouty ( /who is all the way in the UK/ with Simone, present Tawari2 - Episode 1, script / editing by Archangelus. You can listen to/download it from below:

This is the link, in case the plug-in doesn't work, just Right-Click and Save As


Mich said...

Woww! What a great idea and a great audio post! Well done Lil and bravo Archangelus and Emilie! :-)

Pascal Assaf said...

love it :)
Great job

Grace said...

Great Idea, Great scenario and a really sarcastic podcast! I love it! Thanks Lil for sharing it ... Arch and M u r one hell of a Duo :D u made me laugh!

Rita said...

Listening over and over :))))))
more pleaseeee ! :D

Anonymous said...

Smart & Funny ! a winning combination
Kudos Aggregator !!!

leila said...

i am still smiling... good one.. keep up the good work.. we need more smiles these days!!!

Liliane said...

thank you, glad you guys like it! stay tuned for more Duo-Blogging :)

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