Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duo-Blogging, why? why not?

Soon enough Lebanon Aggregator will be having guest bloggers, exactly 2 of them every now and then. What will happen exactly? We're simply, as Lebanon Aggregator team (that is, all my personalities combined), will give them a topic, a subject, and they will write about it, or blog about it (in any way they like), post one after the other, with each other, against each other, etc.. Just BE creative!

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There is a topic in the making now, which you will see soon on, and for other bloggers who are interested in this, please let me know! Yep! As simple as that.


Darine said...

I believe that is awesome !

Sareen said...

Definitely interested!

Liliane said...

great news! :) Sareen, any blogger in mind?

Fadi said...

Love the idea. Do the posts have to go on this blog or how will this work exactly ? Anyway sign me up and do your magic :P

Paty M said...

smart ;) 2 heads are better than one so keep up the great work team!Will definitely stay tuned for updates

Liliane said...

fadi, it will go on LebanonAggregator, of course the blogger can link to it from his/her blog

Paty, just saw your blog, will add it to the aggregator (I think it's the first time I see it) cool blog :) and glad you like the initiative

you're welcome to participate

Nado said...

Liliane, I'm interested! but I have no contact with any blogger :(

I have got an idea about a Duo-blog, I can tell you what it is and you can help me to find somebody who is suitable? is that possible?

please let me know.

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