Monday, December 27, 2010

Lebanese Blogosphere Facts & Figures of 2010


  • Some bloggers were invited to several events to cover them or simply to just be there and enjoy them
  • Around 25 bloggers supported the "Lebanese Language Festival" that took place on June 26, by blogging in the Arabic language.
  • Dozens of Lebanese Bloggers united under one name in order to cover the Lebanese Municipal Elections "LeBloggers".
  • Several Bloggers were featured on TV on different occasions.
  • Some bloggers turned Blog into Book, e.g. Joumana MedlejMaya Zankoul, etc...
  • Bloggers help lead a campaign against the proposed unaccepted ICT law.
  • Bloggers unite in matters of justice.
  • Bloggers express criticism when it comes to some advertising glitches here and there.
  • Blog Action Day 2010 - Water as theme. Bloggers express their concern.
  • There are more than 420 Blogs now on, of which 5% blog in Arabic
  • More than 90% of the blogs featured on blog in English.
  • Many emerging Art blogs in Photography, Illustration, Design, Literature, Music, Calligraphy, Web Comic, etc... and others in Cooking, Games, Technology, Marketing and Sports. So they're no longer only restricted to Social and Political anymore.
  • Some bloggers turned their Artwork into merchandise for sale, e.g. Viola and Cedarseed
  • Not new in 2010 but something that was and still is, Global Voices Lebanon

The blogosphere is really on the rise, submissions of new blogs are taking place every day now. I wish all the bloggers the will and inspiration to keep blogging, in hope that soon, the active ones of us can unite together and possibly work on making our voices heard in important matters that concern Lebanon, like the Internet for example, and its crappy status.

I wish you a Happy 2011, and to more projects, to more quality blogs, and to more blogging. We are the new media, let's make ourselves a go-to reference.

Keep Blogging,


Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept said...

Our very own "State of the Lebanese Blog" address. Great job Liliane!

Moussa Bashir said...

Great work indeed, commendable and an excellent resource plus reference on Lebanese blogosphere. ya3tikel 3afieh and all the best for the new year :)

Liliane said...

Thank you guys :)

Same to you Moussa! Miss you around

Jad Hamdan said...

Great work!! Glad to have you as the Lebanese blogosphere "Chaperon" some how... Best of luck for 2011!

Mich said...

owwww! How great is that... We are indeed the new media and Lebanon Aggregator is our syndicate! Well done, keep it going and I wish you and Lebanon Aggregator all good things for 2011. Let's keep blogging!

Mo said...

I overheard the conversation where you were addressed as the person sitting on top of a gold mine. Is it the time? Keep up the spirit and the fantastic work. You rock! :)

Liliane said...

walla you make me blush! This is the least I can do.

Mo.. hehe we'll see :) thank you

Chantal Akkary said...

Very nice job LILO!! U r the best :)

anis said...

great job :) I wish you all a happy new year!

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