Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog of The Week

Well this time, blog of the week has a sort of a different form. This is simply shedding a light on a graphic / web designer, also a web developer, who is only 15 years old. He put up a blog as well, and a website to showcase his work, is very much present online, and also on facebook.

What I liked about him is the fact that he is only 15 yet very active, understands the usefulness of online presence and is aware about things that has to do with his field of interest, for example this post.

This is George Zakhour, a promising talent who is not waiting for opportunities to come to him, yet he's working hard and doing something about it, and that is a teenager whom I admire.

Check out his website: http://www.geoz-designz.webs.com


Mich said...

Excellent choice! Pleased to meet and be introduced to George Zakhour's talent :-)

George Zakhour said...

Thanks very much :) Really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Go georgeeee!!! :D Good luck dude! :D Greetings from sweden!

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