Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog of The Week

Blog of this week is not a new blog at all, one of the oldest ones as a matter of fact. I remember the impression I had when I first discovered it few years back and it was something on the line of: "WOW, this is impressive, how does he do that?".

What does he do, you're wondering... 
What he does is only unique to him, thus the HUGE distinctiveness he offers. He is simply (or not that simply) always on the lookout for any mention of Beirut in the form of people comparing any situation occurring NOW to Beirut during war times, which are decades ago and obsolete. And then... he puts it up on his blog, and congratulates the person behind it in a very respectful but sarcastic and smart way! And gives him out the:

"Looks Like Beirut Award"

LLB Award

In his own words:
Have a look through the archive and see for yourself how many people compare Beirut to destruction. Over 90 recent uses since January 2009, and still counting!
What's cool is that many people found out that they were mentioned and ended up apologizing!

Not to make this post any longer, so here you go, meet:

The Blogger: Jad Aoun
Follow him on Twitter: @LebanonNewsURS


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