Friday, October 15, 2010

Leb Bloggers blog about water - Blog Action Day 2010

Blog Action Day takes place once a year, every 15th of October, where bloggers around the world blog about one topic. This year, the topic is water. And Lebanese bloggers have started publishing their posts about it. This post will be a round-up. Please share a link if it's not here.

p.s. Bloggers, don't forget to register your blog to be counted as part of today's action, and specify country as Lebanon.

Image courtesy of Schizolax-10mg

Normal life?... bye bye. We're heading to a water disaster by "From Beirut with Funk"
Watershed Moment by "Beirut Drive-by Shooting"
Be creative, save water by "Mind Soup"
A bucket of water by "Mich Café"

A bucket of water
Blog Action Day: Water in the Middle East, a Human Rights Issue by "Café Thawra"
It's all connected by "Survival First"
Time of Drought by "Land and People"
My Thursday Evening Without Water #BAD2010 by "Identity Chef"
Self-Made Water Advertising by "Note Connection 3.0"
Think differently!! Blog actin day 2010: water by "ritakml'

What do you Know & Can do: Blog Action Day 2010 by "Un peu de kil shi"
The Q-Drum. My Favorite Water-Related invention by ""
2 ideas that you didn’t read about yet on lebanese blogs for Blog action day 2010 by "Mireille Raad"
Water (The Drink & The Home) by "Welcome to NourSpot"
Blog Action Day 2010: Water by "Riham's Blog"

This is a nice contribution by Celine, she created a sticker that we can place in our kitchen or bathroom to remind us to close running tap water etc..

Cartoon courtesy of Ink on the side

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