Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog of The Week

Now, this week I can tell you I am extremely excited and proud to be talking about this blog. I've been following up on this blog for quite some time, but I usually like the blog to have many posts before I talk about it.

This blog is unique. In what sense you may wonder! Well, in the sense of how this blogger looks at things and talks about them. Short posts, straight to the point, and one hell of a great point does this blogger usually have.

I should also add that it's extremely smart, different, offers an added-value, great taste and well... enjoyable read.

May I introduce/emphasize Arabianism to you.

Blogger: mkdubai


Mich said...

Totally agree! And it is indeed unique! :-)

KJ said...

It certainly is one of the best blogs out there.

Mustapha said...

One of my faves!

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