Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog of The Week

This blog is definitely not new. Probably one of the first blogs to emerge in Lebanon. Truth is, it was one of the first blogs I ever followed. It was a hit then and it still is.

What I love about the author of this blog is how he keeps up with the trend, yes, the trend. The blogger actually moved from blogging into micro-blogging. That is something few people are doing in Lebanon.

Usually micro-blogging platforms means twitter for some, but as a matter of fact, micro-blogging can be all centralized in one blogger's blog, sharing and curating content (choosing good content for the readers to see).

And this is what, ladies and gentlemen, Mustapha from is doing.

p.s. Mustapha pointed out that his style is called "Stolk and flow", more about it here.


Mustapha said...

Thanks L for picking my blog, you're very generous :)

Liliane said...

M, thanks for blogging :)

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