Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog of The Week

This week, to all of you lovers of arabic language, I am introducing a special blog, it's been out for a short period (start of this year), and yet it has formed an identity of its own. Reading will feel like a trip for you while you find yourself walking between the lines, it is about love, life, destiny, and evenings that looks like her.

مســــــــاءات تشبهني

Eliane Bader is more than a blogger, she's a poet who has many published writings in NowLebanon, O2 Publishing, Al Moustaqbal, and An Nahar.

Enough said for now, just put your hat on for this trip and jump into the world of magic and dreams.

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Eliane Bader said...

Thank you Lil

those are the most wonderful words i have ever read about my writings.

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