Friday, June 11, 2010

What got you into blogging - Video

Video is finally up! Lebanese bloggers tell us what got them into blogging in the first place, here is what they had to say.

Thanks for everyone who participated, you ladies & gentlemen made this video 1.0 happen. Looking forward for 2.0 and the participation of more bloggers.

Keep Blogging,


Mustapha said...

I should have take this more seriously :)

PS: Nice touch with leaving yourself till the end. Shou hal modesty haydi? :p

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!! Love it!!
Sietske (still in Beirut)

Liliane said...

Mustapha, at first I didn't include myself :P then I thought ok.. I am a blogger too, so why not hehe ;)

Sietske! YES you still are :D lucky us

Beirut Drive-by Shooting said...

This really turned out nicely!! Well done..thanks!

JOESBOX said...

I love it.. I have to thank you for that great idea..You Rock!!!

Lorena said...

Good job! Lots of interesting blogs to check out.. I especially loved Toni's response lool!!

Pascal Assaf said...

Amazing Job :)

it is so wonderful to have united almost all bloggers in one place.

Serpico said...

C'est ben beau! So many blogs out there to check out. But isn't it too fast at the end when the text kicks in?

Keep it up!! Waiting for the 2.0 release ;)

Delirious said...

Hey I just discovered this - Very cool :)
I hope I'll be part of the 2.0!

Moussa Bashir said...

wonderful! commendable effort :)

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What got you into blogging?