Sunday, May 23, 2010

Event of the Week

Okay, so it's not blog of the week this time, but it's event of the week. Why am I talking about it here? Well because this event was originally thought of by Alexander McNabb and Saadia, started in Dubai, then infected Beirut, Amman, Cairo soon, and Beirut again in less than a week.

This event is GeekFest, and it's happening in Beirut! Where exactly? Art Lounge Karantina, on Saturday May 29 starting 8PM.

All geeks are invited, by geeks we mean people who are addicted to online life, to social media, to technology, to software tools that facilitate their lives and help them create their masterpieces! It's an offline gathering to online (give or take) people. It will involve techy talks, lotsa mingling, speed networking, Art Showcasing, Short Movie display, and many fun fun fun stuff!

GeekFest Beirut 2.0 is being "unorganized" by the Maniachis, and adopting Technocases are and Nokia!

See you there!

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