Sunday, May 16, 2010

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اكره الحروب
فهي تقطع مسلسلي الكرتوني المفضل
لتذيع نبأ عاجل
وتجعل الكبار
يستمعون لذات الخبر
لأجد نفسي مرة اخرى
واقفاً في زاوية البيت
وحيداً، غير مرئي

These writings are extracted from "his" latest post! His? He? Who?

This week's blog of the week is no one's but our dear Dany Awad's blog. What I like about it the most is the sincerity you feel in his writings, and the lightness of being that it results in your after you read.

This is another week, and this is another blog that I am happy to introduce, in case you haven't stumbled upon it before. and you can follow Dany on twitter here.

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Labiba Laith said...

Dany's words are a simple and raw perspective of a human being accepting himself as he is. Though he may reflect turmoil and concerns, it is with his childlike innocence that he touches the part that most of us may have, to an extent, lost contact with.

it is a fresh page that spatters sunny summer raindrops on a face upturned to the gorgeous blue sky.

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