Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog of The Week

This week's choice isn't exactly a blog, but more of a podcast kinda blog. Podcasts are basically an audio version of a normal written post. We don't have many persons who publish podcasts in Lebanon, and that's why I want you to meet Banadoura, among the first Lebanese to do podcasts.

The Banadoura Podcast is a Lebanese podcast featuring talents and mostly fun and art related topics. From Beirut to the universe.
Till now, Tony Yammine has interviewed "Walid, from","Maya, as in" and "Michelle, the famous singer of the song Jagal el Usek".  I am really liking these podcasts and the idea that Banadoura will be shedding light on talented Lebanese out there.

Make sure you listen to The Banadoura Podcasts on

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