Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog of The Week

All I can say, week after week I am learning of new Lebanese blogs out there, and it has been really a very enriching experience. I recently receive word of a blog, which I will be telling you about briefly here.

As the blogger "Ingrid" herself put it:

Its a type of social media journal that covers net news and more. there are numerous categories such as humor, entertainment, social media, culture, news, tech talk, health/science, art/design, mishmash so on and so forth.
Okay, my take? It's very nice to see a blogger group under one blog so many information, articles, ideas, anything you might think about it, or actually not think about it!

What's also impressive is how serious Ingrid takes her blog, and you can notice that form the quality of the blog itself, logo, sections, categories, divisions, menu etc..

So dear readers, please meet Ingrid (twitter), and do check her blog

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