Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog of The Week

What's great about the Lebanese blogosphere is the variety of topics and subjects presented within our blogs and by our Bloggers, and I personally hope to see CEOs and Managers blog about their daily experience and their companies!

Anyway for now, I will stick by telling you about an excellent writer whom is family, so I will not say more about him, and will leave his articles to speak for me.

Please meet Pascal Assaf, whom you can follow on twitter (@pascalassaf). For fast access to his articles, you can browse his blog here

An excerpt of his latest article that was recently published at

أخبرني عن صديق مشترك يعيش في فرنسا، ولصعوبة إجراءات التبني في باريس لجأ إلى السفارة الصينية. بعد أربع سنوات من المتابعة، قد يوافقون خلال شهرين على تسليمه يتيماً

يئس صديقي من فكرة التبني، على رغم أنه لم ينبذها نهائياً بعد. ينتظر معجزة أو حملاً مفاجئاً. وهناك، على تقاطع طرق لبنان المعروفة، أولاد مرميون ككلاب موبوءة تحت المطر، يلعبون بأذيال الوحدة

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the old friend said...

When I clicked the annahar liknk to look for Pascal's latest article I fell on something else.
so pls fix this problem, and delete this post.

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