Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog of The Week

Please dial +961 to connect to Lebanon... Yep, that is Lebanon's country code, and I will continue by saying please type to connect to Lebanon. This blog connects me, introduces me, opens my eyes to so many events, news and bloggers that are in Lebanon or talk about Lebanon. On top of all that, there is some nice Lebanon photos there! and as Lebanese say: "Bya3rif bil sherde wil werde". I am positive it will do the same to you.

If by any chance you still haven't checked this blog, then I highly recommend you to.

+961 Destination Lebanon:


Rami said...

Thanks Liliane! :) I like the "Bya3rif bil sherde wil werde"
I think it's the key to succeeding in what you're blogging about.

Liliane said...

Definitely! and time ;)

bathmate said...

nice posting for this site..
really a wonderful blog...its really good comments

its really good comments ,nice


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