Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog of the Week

Unlike the last 3 blogs that were featured on Lebanon Aggregator as "blog of the week", this time the blog I chose is much more serious. But embrace yourself because when we encounter a dedicated writer blogging, we can comfortably fasten our seat belts and enjoy the ride.

Café Thawra is a blog that is a collaborative work between Joseph Daher and Paola Salwan. They said:
By publishing political, economical and social articles in both English and French, Café Thawra aims at giving a better understanding of the Middle East, to fight misconceptions and promote understanding and tolerance.

And I could not have put it better.


Joseph Daher/ Paola Salwan said...

This is such a wonderful surprise! thank you so much, your support inspires us to carry on :-)!!!!! Thank you!!!

Silvia said...

Mabrouk my friends!!! You are doing an excellent job!

Julian said...

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