Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog of the Week

Maybe because I personally do follow billboards and anxiously wait for new ones in order to assess which is creative, which is a theft and which is plain ridiculous, is why I really appreciate Beirut NTSC's blog.

If you saw a billboard and it stuck in your mind (for 1+ reasons), come running to Beirut NTSC's blog and you will understand why.

OK, here's a super-bastardized concept!.... Another mish-mash whereby Lebanese adopt globalization while keeping the local twist.

Isn't that quite perceptive and intelligently expressed?

Visit for more.


identitychef said...

I also always wonder HOW does Tarek take photos of these! But I guess that's part of the blog's attraction:)

Tarek Chemaly said...

How to take a photo like me? Simple, don't own a car, take the bus (You will be at eye level with the billboards), keep you Cybershot nearby making sure the batteries are loaded, oh, and be obsessive-compulsive about what you do!... Thanks for electing me blog of the week, I am truly flattered.

Liliane said...

Cool thanks for the tip! But am not so sure about the OCD thing lol

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