Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

More than 9600 bloggers from around the world blogged today (October 15th) about one issue and one issue only, Climate Change, as part of the global effort Blog Action Day, and among them there are many Lebanese Bloggers who participated in this huge action to showcase the serious threat that we are confronting.

Lebanese Bloggers said:

Image courtesy of Maya Zankoul

- Let's talk about the weather Maya's Amalgam
- Blog action day 2009 climate change Plus961
- If you want to change the world, you have to start with YOURSELF! Food for thought on Climate Change! Identify Chef
- Climate change is more than weather issueCafé Thawra
- Kids vs Climate Change Le blog de Chanty
- جمهورية الحمص خضراء في ال-٢٠١٠ Hummus Nation
- Act or mourn Ninar
- Climate change "Positive effect" Shizolax 10mg
- Be optimistic, the solution is possible Krikor
- Global warming and the Lebanese Beirut Spring
- Climate Change & Resources-Populations-Relocations Samer Says
- Lebanon nature in the city Witnessing Life
- Baking the earth A wanderer's thoughts
- Red alarm on A Life's March
- Kibot is going green Kibot
- Are you scared yet? The modern dictator
- Global warming is a joke Joesbox
- Climate change and Lebanon Letting Loose
- Climate change and the Cedar trees The Cedar Tree
- Blog Action Day Yeah! Bazella w Riz
- Beirut distributing free compact florescent light bulbs Armigatus
- Pinch me where it hurts: Blog Action Day Edition Survival First
- Today is blog about climate change day Developing Lebanon
- Are you going to do something about Climate change? Liliane (

If you wrote a post as part of BAD09 and it's not included in this list, please add it in the comments section.

And don't forget to check the website and blog of the local Lebanese NGO who is doing an amazing job in the preparation of the negotiations that will take place in December in Copenhagen Denmark, in hope that a treaty between all countries will be signed. IndyACT!

Save this date: 24 October 2009


armigatus said...

Me too :)

Fadi said...

One more article for the list:
"Pinch me where it hurts"

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