Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog of the Week

A story that cannot be better told by a woman, who is dutch, and who lives in Beirut.

Just when you feel like you want to hit your head in the wall because you just heard some ugly Lebanese news, pluck all your hair because of all the taboos and crazy things Lebanese neighbors say and do or curse at every crazy Lebanese driver because they cut you off or they ran through a red light or did not wait in line, and so many other reasons out there, you can come and read the dutch perspective of Lebanon and her life in Lebanon and you will fall in love with Lebanon all over again.

Without no further a due, meet Sietske in Beiroet:


Anonymous said...

Sietske, gefeliciteerd/ congrats !!!

Mieke & Dimphy

Sietske said...

Wow guys, I am truly honored. Thanks! I do have my 'head against the wall' moments too though :) Thanks again, it makes it worthwhile!
Sietske in Beiroet/Beirut

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