Friday, September 27, 2013

Bloggers Meeting Get Together 002

Yesterday, several Lebanese bloggers met at Alt City Mezzanine Cafe in Hamra as part of the second Bloggers meeting hosted by Lebanon Aggregator. The event was shared on Facebook. Thanks a lot to Alt City for always opening up their space for the bloggers and for their constant support!

It was great seeing everyone and it's always nice to just catch up with old friends and bloggers. It was quickly organized, so no agenda was prepared, the sole purpose was to group everyone under one roof.

Lebanon Aggregator - Bloggers Get Together 002
There were 3 questions asked prior to see if there is any room for actionable suggestions to improve the blogosphere in Lebanon. There were some interesting observations for sure! My favorite actionable answers for each won a gift. The winners were Racha (Spa retreat from Four Seasons), Tala (Dinner in Mosaic for two from Phoenicia Beirut) and Amal (A lovely Polo from Rectangle Jaune).

Here are the questions, and you can check all the answers under them:

Question 1: Do you think there is a redundancy in content among blogs? Is redundancy a good or a bad thing? How can we improve it?

Question 2: Should bloggers unite in certain occasions for certain causes? If so, suggest an efficient way.

Question 3: Should there be a syndicate of bloggers in Lebanon? If yes, how can we proceed to make it happen.

Thank you Anis, Jennifer, Youssef, Racha, Maggie, Yasmine, Abdelrahman, Mahmoud, Cynthia, Tala, David, Abir, Patrick, Rabab, Assaad, Joe, Darine, Amal, Sareen, Samer, Cyril, Roy, Nicolas, Dany, Khaled, Nour, Taher, Aisha, Paul, Lynn, Firas... for showing up and hoping I didn't forget anyone!
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